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ACDSEE photo editor: beautiful and powerful

I just download acdsee photo editor. The new version is beautiful and powerful, but there is a big drawback for people of east earth: The text tool in the new version does not support unicode chars( for example Chinese Characters) .

PE4: Chinese character problem

While working with a customer, we figured out a workaround:

- Type unicode text (chinese) in unicode-supported program, e.g MS Word

- Copy the text

- Back to PE4, select the text tool and then paste.

- It is not right yet, as you will see squares or questions marks instead of text

- Select those symbols, and choose related unicode font. In my case, SimHei or SimSon.

- Now chinese character shall appear


MS photo editor:Adjust the brightness of an image

Adjust the brightness of an image

The Brightness control changes the amount of white in all colors and shades of gray.

1. On the Standard toolbar, click Image Balance.

2. Drag the Brightness slider to increase (100) or decrease (0) the brightness.

To adjust all colors, select All Colors in the lower-left list before dragging the slider. To adjust the color channels separately, select Red, Green, or Blue.


MS Photo Editor lost!

I also miss Photo Editor and I've tried lots of tricks to make it work. I installed it in a separate directory in Office, even on a different hdd. Everything seems to work but it cannot open or save images in any format. The error I get is "Write File Error" and "Can't open file" even if the filters are there for the different formats. I did what Microsoft says on their page: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/assistance/HP011454871033.aspx but to no avail.

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MS Photo Editor lost!

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