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ms photo editor tutorial

To Select All or Part of an Image

? To select the entire image, click Select All on the Edit menu.

? To select part of an image, click the Select button on the Standard toolbar, and then draw a box over the area you want.

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Resizing a Selection

? To move one side of the selection's bounding outline, move the pointer over the sizing handle on that side until the pointer changes to a double-headed arrow, and then drag the handle.

? To change the height and width simultaneously, drag a corner handle.


Photoshop CS hangs when printing (image editing)

I have a client who uses Photoshop CS. She submits a print job and Photoshop seems to hang while it's printing, the pointer turns to the hourglass and she is unable to do anything in photoshop. It stays like this for sometime, ussually until the job is at least halfway done, then it allows her to continue to work. I checked the task manager and it showed Photoshop was using from 70-90% of the processor during this period. The file is about 330MB and her machine is a 2.5GHz Processor with 760MB of RAM. However this problem is constant no matter what the file size. I searched Adobe KB with no relevent results. Any input regarding this problem would be appreciated.


I'm going to move this over to the printers forum, hopefully you'll have better luck there.


Photoshop Elements 3: what kind of photo editor it is?

have Photoshop Elements 3 and don't know if this can be done. I'm still learning.

Can you tell me how to take a specific part of an image or the whole image and extract it from the background so that all that is left is the image?

I want to put this on a shirt, but don't want the rectangular shape, just the bold outline of the image.


That will work unless there are breaks in the border surrounding the white part of the image.

What you might do is open the image, use a pencil / brush to close all the breaks, then fill the subject in completely black. Then you can load it as a mask or a selection. You can slightly blur the outline with a light Gaussian blur if you want to soften the edges.


photo editing question?

Does anyone know all the different methods a photo store might use to duplicate a photo when you only have the original print, no negative, no slide or digital version?


What I would do is phone a local lab ask about the process they use in doing this and a cost estimate including restoration. It would probably convince your relative that your offer is the better one since the scanning and restoration would probably run several dollars + a picture.

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