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CamReader photo editing software

 - not for free but designed for professional photographs wish to bring image import process up to a new level. 
You can look at the program here: http://www.camreader.com 

There are many similar programs on market like Cam2PC, Downloader Pro, Pixfer, etc. But CamReader exceed them by functionality and much convenient. You can even stamp the photos with GPS tags, suchs as Altitude, Longitude, Latitude and see about several years using google map (http://map.google.com) where your pictures were taken. Nikon D2X has the ability to built it GPS Receiver but with CamReader you can use any cheap receiver (~50$) and ANY digital camera model, but not the high-end models.

Correct the color in Adobe PS (PHOTO EDITOR)
how do you guys correct the color in Adobe PS using an eye dropper tool.. 

let say i want to base the color of the images according to the color of the sky or eye or where the white shirt is white... 

I've heard that in PSP (paint shop) they do have it, where can I find this tool? I tried help in PS but to no avail... 

Use LAB mode, then check the eyedropper. It will give you a Lightness value, which determines tone, and then A and B values that determine color. 

Write down those values, then go to the color you want to change and use curves to adjust the A and B channels to the values that you've learned from the eyedropper. You may have to change the Lightness channel to get it to look the same, but you'll be changing the tone in the process as well.

Book of photo editing?

Looking for a good book. Anybody got any suggestions? 

Was thinking about this one: http://tinyurl.com/b9z2f
I haven't been able to afford any books, yet. The one you link to is high on my wish list as it seems to be based on the needs for photography. 

Photoshop is such a complex program I think you could spend years trying to learn it all, so I'm restricting my studies to Image editing, to that end there are a great number of tutorial on the net that work you through many aspects of Photoshop and cost you nothing as opposed to buying a book and then finding that only a small section deals with what you are really wanting to know. 

Hopefully other responses to your post will point us both in right direction as far as books are concerned! 

I need a free image editor.

What I need to do is: resize images, crop and save optimised for the web.

All of these Photoshop does.
The problem is I need to give to someone.
And they can't afford to pay 000's for Photoshop.

Any pointers would be appreciated.
tried both.
excellent progs.
irfanview - wow, how can it be sooo small?
gimp - really powerful.

the only thing missing for me is: saving for web.

photoshop has this.
it does 'something' magic that reduces the file size by loads without losing ANY detail for the eye.

saving as lower than 100% quality just doesn't do the trick.
any ideas?
is there a special filter i can get or something?

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