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photoshop upgrade: how to upgrade this photo editor

Is it possible to upgrade to the new Photoshop cs2 from Elements 3.0 or do you need to have an early version of photoshop (like 7) in place?


The Adobe website says US$499 to upgrade from Elements, $169 to upgrade from CS or 7 (or earlier). I've read there have been issues trying to upgrade very early releases.

You may to see if you can find a copy of 7 that has not been registered and save some money.



The easiest, un-complicated Photo editing program.

I just need some practical advice on what is the easiest, un-complicated Photo editing program.

I've tried Adobe, Mgi and another I can't remember. All are cutsie, they have stuff a normal person would not ever use.

Just Something that is Simple and Easy.


Photoshop is the best for doing everything you could possibly want...if you have a mac and just want to do editing on the levels and curves you could use Aperture...other than that for windows if you dont want to pay for photoshop look into the GIMP.


The GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program for image editing

The GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program, a tool for manipulating graphics images that borrows its look and feel from the popular Macintosh and Windows program from Adobe called Photoshop. It is used for all varieties of image processing, photo retouching and image composition. Built-in features, such as scripting, make it very easy to create logos for web pages and magazine cover art, and the Plug-In API provides a convenient mechanism for extending the very rich standard feature set. Support for a large number of input and output file formats is provided, including support for reading Photoshop files which is under development at the time of this writing.


the GIMP help please: started editing photos

ok so i just started editing photos and i need someway to combine 3 pictures i took so that they are all one file. Can u do this in the GIMP? I have an idea of how you have to do it but it doesnt seem to work


Sorry - I use Paint Shop Pro, but if you can explain what you're trying to do I may be able to make some suggestions. Do you want to have 3 photos arranged on one canvas and save the photomontage as a single image file, or are you trying to combine parts of different photos into a single image?

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