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PhotoVista  simple photo editing software
PhotoVista Panorama (Free to Try, $50 to Buy, Windows) - is one of the most complete and simplest software products available for creating interactive 360 panoramas

I'm using my photoshop for editing my pictures. 
the only thing is: when I use them on Ebay, they seem more compressed then before. can somebody explain that? 
check this for example: 

if any person might have an idea: please let me know!!! 
thanks in advance![/url]
It probably has to do with the site that is hosting your pictures. 

Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8, good choice for photo editors 
I upgraded to PSP 8 and love it. PSP 8 has been rewritten from the ground up and it shows. The background eraser, scripting, eyedroppers for black and white points, excellent photo tools and customizable interface make this version the best ever. I really love the way you can change and control almost everything from menus to buttons in PSP 8, making the user interface truly something you can use. In my opinion, PSP 8 is the only software the average person would need for photo enhancements and/or web graphics. Most of my use is for enhancing my photos from my 2 digital cameras. This new version makes many of my tasks much easier than before.

Image Format Studio
by McPherran Software Easily resize and import/export images in many file types JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG, BMP, WMF, EMF, and true ICO. Automatically saves files with size as part of the name so you can easily track several versions of a file with dfferent sizes.

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