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Photoshop : photo editing problem
Now I really should know how to do this but how do I place an outline to an image. Eg. I want say, a 1 pixel black border to the image. 
Another way is to use the rectangular marquee tool, then go edit- stroke. 
You then click on the colour box to pick the colour stroke you want, and then set the pixel width. 
This method is especially good if you want a thin black line in-between a print and it's white border 

GIMP is an excellent image, graphic, and photo editing program 
The GIMP is an excellent image, graphic, and photo editing program for the Linux, Unix, and Windows platforms. It also can be used to create graphics and drawings from scratch.

Four basic digital photo and image editing tasks are cropping, scaling, brightness adjustment, and contrast adjustment. In today's tutorial you were introduced to these tasks and GIMP tools that help you to do those tasks.

The coverage in today's tutorial is just the tip of the iceberg, even for just cropping, scaling, brightness adjustment, and contrast adjustment. It's a start in learning the mechanics of editing digital photographs and images with the GIMP.

In order to get good at creating stunning photos and graphics, you need to learn, in depth, how to use the tools covered today plus all the GIMP tools. Much of that learning is a matter of experimenting with the tools and much of it is a matter of gaining experience using the tools.

Don't forget that creating stunning photos and graphics is more than merely the mechanics of using the GIMP tools. Artistry is very important. A good way to learn the artistry is to take a studio art course.

If you are looking for a first class image, graphic, and photo editing program, give the GIMP a spin. Considering that the GIMP is a free download, that should be a very easy thing for you to do.

GIMP often is referred to as an Adobe Photoshop clone because it has pretty much the same collection of features and functions that Photoshop has. However, it appears that rather than thinking of GIMP as a Photoshop clone, it would be more appropriate to think of the GIMP and Photoshop as similar software products of comparable quality.

On the other hand when it comes to pricing and licensing, Photoshop falls woefully-far short of the GIMP. GIMP is free compared to the $649 list price for Photoshop. Moreover, GIMP's licensing is very consumer/user friendly. Adobe is very deficient in this arena, too. Adobe Photoshop licensing is extremely consumer/user unfriendly. Moreover, Photoshop licensing imposes Adobe's horrible Product Activation mechanism.

Unless you are a professional photographer or image editor who needs Photoshop's prepress features, you likely ought to us the GIMP rather than Adobe Photoshop. Considering that the GIMP is a free download, that should be a very easy thing for you to do

) Adobe Photoshop
As the industry-standard, Photoshop skills are a necessity if you want to be employable in the graphic design field. As the most expensive choice in this category and with a learning curve to match, it's not for everyone, but the investment does pay off in increased productivity and the ultimate in flexibility.

Jasc Paint Shop Pro is easier to use Photo editor than Photoshop CS
Jasc Paint Shop Pro is easier to use than Photoshop CS, is close to Photoshop CS in many of its functions, and only costs around $85. Paint Shop Pro is noted for allowing the users to work with multiple layers of the photo as well as for its good background manipulation features. 

Microsoft Picture It! Premium ($45) is highly valued in several reviews. While it is extremely easy to use, it lacks many of the higher-powered features of the more expensive software products. For the beginning image editor, Picture It! Premium is the best and the most economical choice.


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