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Contrast adjustment in photo editor
The shot below nicely illustrates a problem I keep encountering - lens flare. I've seen some examples on this site where people did a very nice job of getting rid of it in Photoshop. 

I consider myself fairly PS-savvy, but this is something I don't know how to do. I tried a large feathered mask and then played with hue and contrast adjustment layers, but it didn't work. 

Does anyone know how to do this? Feel free to play with it, as long as you can tell me what you've done. 


I think you're doing the right thing. Sometimes if the flare is on the sky I'll just use the patch tool to replace it with some normal sky. But using a big feathered selection is probably the way to go for this one. 

As you can see this big flare is both lighter and more orange than the surrounding water. I'd make the color and tone adjustments with curves. I'd do it by decreasing the red and increasing the blue (which takes away yellow). Decreasing the red will correspondingly increase cyan, and you may want to decrease some green from it as well. Lastly darken it by dipping the RGB curve. 
First make a feathered selection and copy to a new layer. 
Then try these settings (I tried it on the image with decent results): 

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