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How to Prepare pictures with Microsoft Photo Editor ?

Microsoft Photo Editor is an picture editing program that may be installed as part of Microsoft Office. Before beginning this tutorial, select a digital photo to edit. 

4): Setting the Resolution and Resizing the Picture.

Go to the File menu and select Properties. In the Resolution box, enter in 72 Pixels/Inch and click OK.

Next, go to the Image menu and select Resize. The Image Size dialog box appears. Make sure the Allow Distortion box is not checked. Change either the Width or the Height of your image to the desired size, and click OK. If you aren't satisfied with the re-sampled image, always undo changes before you resize it again (or the image will be blurred). Remember that most users' monitors are set to 800 x 600 pixels, so you usually want to make your images smaller than this.

5): Adjusting Brightness and Contrast (Optional)

If your image is too bright or dark, or needs to have the contrast adjusted, go to the Image menu and select Balance. Try adjusting the Brightness (amount of light) and Contrast (difference between dark and light pixels) until you are satisfied with the image.

6): Saving the Picture as a JPEG or GIF file.

To save your edited image (yet still preserve the original if you need it later), go to File menu and select Save As. Give your image a meaningful title. Make sure that the Save as Type selected is JPEG for photos or GIF for graphics. Click OK (or for JPEGs, you can click More and adjust the JPEG Quality Factor slider to give the fastest download speed with a reasonable image quality).


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Choose the photo editing program
I've read all of the posts here concerning resizing. I have several different imaging programs to use. Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro, and a few others. 
I have a picture that I want to enter and want to make sure I don't break the rules and have it deleted. I've been able to get it down to 127 kb in size and the pixel dimensions are 135x135. I'm not sure if that is the correct size for the contest. 
I tried opening the picture up by just dragging and dropping into Internet Explorer and it appears to be rather large. Using Corel Paint Shop to view it when I click on resize and look at the dimensions it shows the image as being 64"x43". 
As you can tell I'm really confused by these numbers. What is the best way to reduce the size and save the quality? I just got a brand new Canon EOS 250D Rebel XT and have image quality set at highest quality allowed. I also have a 6GB CF memory card so thats why I chose the best quality I don't think I will ever run out of space while out taking pictures with a card that size. 
I greatly appreciate all the help I can get with this. This may get the image disqualified by discussing this here but that's the chance I will take. 
In PS go to your editor window with the image loaded up...in the top menu click image then resize...type in the dimensions that are required click ok...click save as under file...it will prompt you where you want to save it and how you want to save it...select jpeg...it will then ask you what quality you want to keep and at the bottom of that box it will show you the size of the file in Kb...just pick the highest # possible that meets your file size requirement.

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