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MS Photo Editor Problem

Recently I changed my file association for bit map files so that photo editor opens them. However, when I click on a bit map stored in a folder, photo editor launches, but without opening the image. By contrast, the same bit map when placed on the desk top, opens just fine in photo editor! I'm totally confused...I just reloaded windows 98 SE with all available updates. I tried system file checker, I tried uninstalling/re-installing the entire office suite, checking the file association again ... I'm stumped!


Does this happen with all image file types or just BMP? I’ll try to look around but will do better if I know exactly what image file types are doing that.

To check whether it is your computer or Photo Editor download Irfanview and associate your image file types to it when it installs. If the images open in Irfanview we’ll better know where to look. When you first use it go View>Display options>Fit images to window. You can use your mouse wheel to page through all of the images in the folder or go File>Thumbnails to make thumbnails of the whole folder if it is large. Most people on the board use Irfanview as a viewer regardless of the image editor they use.

In any case we’ll better know where to look if we know what file types and what programs have the problem


Using Microsoft Photo Editor Effects Menu(1)

To explore the functionality of the Effects menuˇ­


Increases the sharpness of a true color or grayscale image by sharpening the difference between the edges of adjoining colors. Drag the strength slider toward weak (0) to apply the least sharpening or toward strong (10) to apply the most sharpening.


Wrong message in MS Photo Editor

Can anyone explain to me what is going on? Usually when I open pictures (jpg files), they open in MS Photo Editor. Now I get a message saying, under MS Photo Editor banner, "No file format information can be found in the Registry." What Registry? And why won't MS Photo Editor recognise jpg files?


Photo Editor is trying to access registry keys that require permissions that your account does not have.

In this case, information needed to build the Files of type list and to open graphics files is not available.

See this link,


The main point with any work in the registry is to put a marker in, System Restore, (if possible).

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