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ImageReady: good soft for photo editing

With ImageReady you can optimize each slice individually. Select a slice and then change its settings on the Optimize palette. (If you need to, make the Optimize palette appear by selecting Window / Show Optimize.) You will be able to see how the changes you make in the Optimize palette will appear on the Web (for example, try reducing the number of colors for a smaller file size). When you are finished optimizing the entire navigation bar, make sure you use File / Save Optimized As so that ImageReady will save all images and output with correct HTML to reflect the changes you've made.


Paint Shop Pro tutorial (wonderful photo editor)

Step 1: Opening the Image

Open up Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 (the default location for this program is Start / Programs / Jasc Software / Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8). Go to the File menu and select Open. Use the arrow next to the Look in: box to browse to the folder containing your image. Select your image and click Open.


Photoshop Actions and Batch (photo editor)

Learn how to use Photoshop actions and batch creation tools to streamline your image-editing.

Photoshop Elements Activity

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a version of Photoshop designed specifically for use with digital photography. This three-part activity will help you prepare your photos for the Web, combine photos, and create simple Web graphics.

Photoshop Elements Tutorial

Prepare a sample image of Seattle's space needle for the Web in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

TRIO Virtual Center: Adobe Links

Links to Adobe product information, tutorials, and online resources found on the Adobe Web site, as well as links to Adobe's online educational materials.

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