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My Holiday Photo Editor

If you have any recent version of windows you have an equal program in your Photo Editor. There is no way to apply clipart and there are minimal instructions, and if you need tech support they charge you for it. If you have a later O.S. and need a basic editor this may be useful but putting the term Holiday on the package is a huge stretch. They just give you holiday clipart which you cannot apply to your pictures through this program.


Hello im only a begginer in PS photo editor and would like to know the best way to cut people out and stick them on to another picture.

For eg. i am doing a photo for a dancer and they and they would like a few shots on the one photo, how do i do this quick and neetly.


Your best bet is probably going to be to use the clone stamp tool. Open both photos (source and destination) side by side. Create a new layer in the destination photo. Select the clone stamp, it looks like a rubber stamp, just below the healing brush. Change the flow rate to around 45%, and choose an appropriate size brush. Then mouse over some point of the person to clone. Hold alt and click. That will be your starting point. Now go to the destination picture and put your mouse over where you want the point on the source to start on the destination. Click and start painting. If you watch the source photo, it will show you which section it is cloning. If you're careful, and if you adjust the flow rate as you get closer to the edge, you should get a pretty smooth copy. Then adjust the brightness, constrast, hue, and saturation of the layer you created so that the cloned person matches the rest of the picture. Merge the layers, and you're done!

If that wasn't terribly clear, I'm sorry. It's so second nature to me that I might leave out important bits. If you have questions let me know.


ASCII Art Maker -photo editor

Open BMP image and create ASCII Art Graphics.Creation options:- change symbol;- change font size;- add background color;Save your work in HTML format and put on your website.


photo editor: ULTIMATE PAINT

A paint program similar to the EVIL EMPIRE'S Paint program. It does drawing and brushes etc. Scanner support. I had some problem with the download. Look in your Netscape cache for the download when it's finished. (1.3MB)

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