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Digital imaging editing software

Product Description
Digital Image 9 Pro Suite This special digital imaging packages combines the power of two applications. Use the awesome photo archiving & organizing power of Digital Image Library with the expansive photo-editing power of Digital Image Pro! Great new tools like the Mini Lab, Unsharp Masks, Auto Collage print and Gaussian Blur helps you create beautiful version of the memories you cherish Burn your photos to CD, DVD or memory card for easier sharing, or turn them into video with Photostory Lite 

Photo reviewing and editing
What I lack is some way to organize them. Sure, I have them organized in folders and by when I took them, etc etc. But if I wanted to see all of my "flower" pictures, then what? I have to dig through each folder. I also don't want to just use excel or access or something, because there wouldn't be thumbnails of the photos. I would like an all-encompassing program, that will show me all the pictures that I've, for example, tagged as "landscape" and "black and white" (assuming those are choices I've built into the database), and then see previews so I can quickly locate a specific picture. 

Can you do thumbnails in Access? Too much work? Ugly interface?
Should you use Microsoft Windows as your operating system, one can right click an image in the My Documents folder, select Properties, and then add data (title, key words, etc.) to the image file. These words can later be searched to identify all images that meet your criteria. One can also go the photo manager route (ACDSee, ThumbsPlus, etc., etc. for even more options and flexibility, but the basic functions associated with Windows will meet many peoples' needs without resort to third party photo managers.

Image Broadway lets you create and edit graphic images 
Image Broadway lets you create and edit graphic images with special effects like a pro in just minutes. From simple tasks to advanced image editing capabilities, Image Broadway does it all and does it very well. 

EtchTone Photoshop Filter
by Andromeda Software EtchTone combines an etch pattern (black and white) with the original image to create an "EtchTone", a continuous tone screen that results in a classic old printing look that softens the harshness of solid black and white line screens.

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