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SnIco Edit 2 is an icon editor

SnIco Edit 2 is an icon editor for Windows. Support for Windows icons and cursors: default sizes 16x16, 32x32 and 48x48. Also custom sizes are supported. All color depths are supported including Windows XP alpha blending. Support for animated icon files (ANI files). (1.3MB) 

Photoshop CS photo editing actions
I just bought Photoshop CS and I was wondering if there is any kind of automization that allows me to convert the few remaining jpeg files to tif extensions...
I have 7.0 and remember doing something similiar to this by creating an action and then using batch processing to convert a whole directory. Batch can be found in File>Automate>Batch Try something like that, don't remember exact steps, but I know I've done it before. I'm at work now, away from my Photoshop computer at home so can't try it. I'll try when I get home tonight and let you know if no one else comes up with it or you don't get it by tomorrow around this time.

Mystica creating custom images and movies 
Versatile artwork generator capable of creating custom images and movies for a variety of projects. Comprises 2D and 3D graphics section, digital effects, realtime fly/walk/drive through, HTML gallery generator, video encoder

MSPLOTTER helps you create fractal images

MSPlotter (Mandelbrot Set Plotter) helps you create fractal images using the Mandelbrot Set and the Julia Set. Just enter values for Center X, Center Y, Range, and Power of Equation; press the "Plot" button to begin the process of rendering your image, which may be saved in .bmp format or avi files. (1.9MB

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