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Beyond the Borders of Digital Photo Software

With the hustle-and-bustle of the modern living, anything just turns out to be instant and digital. For instance, instant noodles, instant boyfriend, and many others, I just recall that a friend of mind told me that. Everything now is instant and digital or computerized. 
The latest and better digital photo software must always be a competitive one, that is versatile, easy to be understood and of course easy to use. It is not always particular to be used in order to have a software package that works well with only selected varieties of cameras. 

ACDSee, edit and review photos

Though not as nicely designed or flashy as Photoshop Album, ACDSee has two decisive advantages over the Adobe product: (1) it handles networked files correctly (no local copies are created, and users have full control over caching and cached thumbnail size) and (2) it exports the information in its database to XML so that it can be used in other applications. Oddly though, the category information is not exported. ACDSee also does a much better job of dealing with file management overall. For example, if you use ACDSee's file browser to move files, it will update its database accordingly so you don't get broken links (a big and nearly fatal problem with Photoshop Album).
In short, ACDSee is clearly superior to Photoshop Album (except on looks), but still not quite there.

UPDATE (4/24/03): The latest free update (5.01) adds categoization data to the list of information exported! With this addition, ACDSee becomes far and away the best tool for organizing digital photo libraries. The only thing it still lacks is some of the flash of the Adobe product, but in terms of features and performance, this is the clear winner.

The best way to replace color in photo editor

So far, the best (and only, come to think of it) way I found is using the replace color command on the adjustments menu. Any other sugestions that might work better?
capture your images in RAW format and when they are opened for import to PS you can correct for chromatic abboration which is what you are seeing. 

Texture Workshop - 1.5 
Texture Workshop is a multifunctional toolbox which allows to turn practically any picture into a repeatable tile very quickly and easily. Such tiles are used as backgrounds of webpages, as wallpapers, as textures for 3D objects and so on

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