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What's the best photo editor for incorporating computer graphixs into photos?
What best for incorporating computer graphixs into my photos? something like masks, changing my back grounds to alienn landscapes, putting my subject images on floting bubbles that sort of thing.
There are any number of programs to choose from - it depends on how much you want to spend. Photoshop is expensive, but I like it for what I do. Paint Shop Pro is

PhotoRetouch - 2.0 Edit your digital photos
Edit your digital photos and pictures! The picture browser can shows your pictures as thumbnail preview. Then you can retouch your pics, cut out parts out it, optimize the colors, use effect filters, remove objects with the clone brush.
PhotoShop Snow Effect :
1. open a pic.
2. Open New layer Black
2.Filters/Noise/Add noise -Gaussian -monochromic -Amount = 70
3. Filters/Blur/Gaussian Blur -amount = 1,5
4. image / Adjust / Levels ( CTrL + L ) input levels : 90 -1,00 -100
5. Blendig option-Screen
6. Open 2 duplicate layer- screen.
7.....adn finish....

 One useful photo editor - RedEye remover!
"RedEye" is a common defect of many digital photos. ColorBetter can remove the annoyed "RedEye", also what you need to do is just one "Click"!
The technology of “Color Management?behind the “Click?ensures you get the right thing!
Product homepage http://www.eggvision.com/english/products.html