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is adobe photoshop 7.0 sufficient for the general needs of editing
Also, I know elements is essential for image editing, but me being poor, is adobe photoshop 7.0 sufficient for the general needs of editing?
If I understand what you are asking, the effect you are wondering about is usually done with a long exposure time rather than a post-processing thing. You can get longer exposure times by closing the aperature up nice and small, or adding neutral density or polarizing filters. Shots with extended exposure times also pretty much require the use of a tripod.

Elements 3.0 and 4.0 will have some features that are missing in Photoshop 7.0. Even Photoshop CS was missing some nice features that Elements 3.0 had (like Shadow/Highlight, Exposure, spot-healing brush). I may be wrong, but I don't think Photoshop 7.0 can handle RAW images, while Elements 3 and 4 can (though there are free RAW converters out there). If you have a licensed copy of Photoshop 7.0, though, I'd just pay for an uggrade to Photoshop CS2. If you have both PS7 and Elements, just use them both to see which suits you more.

BatchPhoto is an all-in-one photo editor
BatchPhoto is an all-in-one photo editor for your photo editing needs. The idea behind BatchPhoto is to save you time by editing not only one but dozens of photos in one operation! 

Paint Shop Pro for both beginner and advanced photo editors, 
bout.com's Sue Chastain includes Paint Shop Pro in her top two picks for both beginner and advanced photo editors, giving testament to the flexibility of the program. Chastain notes, "Paint Shop Pro feels 'all grown up'. The workspace has been streamlined and updated, there are new tools and effects, productivity enhancements, and personalized options." Paint Shop Pro includes several built-in effects tools from beginner to advanced, ranging from simple red-eye correction, to color and contrast auto-fixes, to an animation shop for creating animated GIF's. The task-driven interface is intuitive, say reviews at CNet. Included is a utility for editing RAW photo files, and Corel includes a two-hour training video. Paint Shop Pro only works with Windows 2000 or XP. Mac users should look to Adobe Photoshop Elements. You can try the full version of Paint Shop Pro X free for 30 days on the Corel Web site.+

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