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Creating Border/Frame in photoshop
 How do you make a nice looking border. I have photoshop CS and picassa but I am not sure on how to make a good border. Any help on this topic will be nice!! 

PS Elements 2 photo editor
only use PS Elements 2, and can do several different one's with it. I have a few screenshots showing how it's done, if you'd like to look. 
Click the link here: http://www.pbase.com/dang/frame

OK here's a few, but you can see some examples on 


scroll down the page. 

I use Photoshop Elements 3.0 to frame and matte my images 'by hand' by using a series of canvas extensions, edge layers, and the built in frame effect. It is time consuming but works OK enough. Please visit if you would like to see examples. 

Some of the actions available on the web look great, but I have always had trouble getting them to run correctly in Elements.

Virtual Album Maker V1.30 Standard 1.30 :organize, protect, and share your photos

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The best photo-editing softwar
The best photo-editing software reviews most often point to $100 digital-photo editors. While there are several photo editors available in the $30 or $40 price range, we found it interesting that reviews don't often recommend these. Roxio PhotoSuite gets very mixed reviews. The best-reviewed budget photo editor is Jasc Paint Shop Pro Studio (*est. $40), but now that Jasc has been acquired by Corel, Paint Shop Pro Studio hasn't been updated, and it isn't even listed under Corel's other digital-editing titles. Interestingly, rather than a budget photo editor, reviews often recommend trying free photo-editing software if you doní»t relish spending $100 on sophisticated software like Photoshop Elements or Paint Shop Pro.

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