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Multi-star picture rating software 
I started using Picasa2 recently, and found that starring pictures is very useful (much better than duplicating folders and deleting unwanted pictures). 
Unfortunately there's only one star. Do you know of any other photo organizing software that has multi-star rating system, akin to Windows Media Player? 
Adobe Elements 3 has an organizer that allows 1-5 stars 

It is based on Photoshop album which also has that feature. So you can try the free version and see if it will do what you want.

The Hands-On GIMP Tutorial
Getting Started 

There is no one, single, way to go about taking pictures or editing them. There are different tools that you can use, even within one photo-editing program. Moreover, there are different ways to use those tools. The way this tutorial shows you how to do your digital-darkroom work is just one of many approaches.

This tutorial shows you the mechanics of basic photograph and image editing with the GIMP. Unfortunately, photograph and image artistry is beyond the scope of today's tutorial.

However, it is much more the photo artistry than the mechanics that makes great photos and graphics. If you are a college student, take a studio (art) course to learn artistry basics. That is a real hands-on studio course not some wimpy art appreciation course. Or if you are not a college student, take a real, hands-on, studio course at your local community college.

Image Editor Photo-Brush 
Photo-Brush has all the necessary tools for editing and adjusting digital images: Adjusting levels, Gamma, RGB curves, Hue/Saturation, Brightness/Contrast and more..

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