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Image Manipluation: photo editing 

I took this photo at a friends wedding, there was already an official photographer but i took the camera along to see if i could build on my experience. 

There was one area the official photographer never really covered, it was the bride going up the aisel, as he was in the wrong place however being in the pews with the rest i got a few shots close up. 

The problem is i only got one image of the bride and her mother (who gave her away) going up the aisel, and he got none, but i made a schoolboy error and the camera strap got in the way. 

As it means alot i wonder if this can be manipulated, with minimal cropping to produce a printable picture.. i'm not so hot in this area at all. 

If you have Photoshop Elements (1 or 2) or PS CS, you can use the Clone tool. Since the face is ok, you need only use the clone tool. Use the shift key and click on the dress. Then start the clone tool working from the dress and drag the tool to the right. When you get enough of the dress cloned, crop for a good area. I have done this several times, and found the tool 

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Scanning Pictures into photo editor

If you already have pictures but need them converted to a digital format, you should use a scanner. Scanners are common enough that you may have a colleague or friend with one, if so, arrange to use it. If you don't know someone with a scanner, Kinko's and other office supply or copy stores can show you how to use their scanner or scan the pictures for you. 
In either case, when you're ready to have the picture scanned, there are some settings on the scanning software which need to be adjusted for the picture to be properly scanned for web use. The resolution setting should be set to somewhere between 72 and 95 dots per inch (dpi). 
If you're having a photograph of people or other scenes with a subtle blend of colors, have the scan saved as a JPG file (for JPEG). 
If you're scanning a graphic drawing such as a cartoon or the schematic to something, have the scan saved as a GIF file. 
JPG saves color information more faithfully than the GIF format. The GIF format, though, is often smaller than its JPG counterpart and will be a faster image to download to browsers as a result. 
Once you have the images scanned and saved in the appropriate format, you can get them to your computer from either the office supply store or a colleagues in several ways. You can copy them to a floppy or Zip disk depending on what is available on both computers or you can attach them to an email and send them to your email address and retrieve them that way.

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