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Photolightning  photo editing software
Photolightning (Free to Try, $40 to Buy, Windows) - Photolightning removes the complexity involved with processing digital photos, allowing even beginners to print, e-mail and share photos within minutes. Following an easy three-step process, digital camera users can process a typical set of 24 photos in five minutes or less.

Photoshp Elements 2.0  learn about layers in photo editing

I'm trying to learn about layers. A book I'm using asks me to create a new layer under the Layer menu. It says under New choose Layer via Copy. Earlier tonight I did that and it worked. The Layer Palette showed up. Miracle! 

I must have pushed or clicked the wrong button somewhere along the way because now when I follow the procedure the Layer Palette doesn't show up. It seems as though the layer is putting itself on top of the original. 

Can you help me get things back to where they were earlier---the Layers Palette showing up. 
If your not seeing the layers pallet, just reset your tools. The pallet will reappear. I do not have the program you are speaking of so cannot tell you the exact strokes to make. 

Under the window drop down there may be a list of toolboxes with checkmarks nest to the ones visible.

GIMP 2, wonderful free photo editor
I'll use The GIMP 2 (GNU Image Manipulation Program) as my example program. (Don't complain to me about the name; I didn't invent it.) This is an image editor along the lines of Photoshop, only free. You can do all of the same things I'll talk about here in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, in more or less the same ways, but the tools might be accessed through different menus.

GIMP's own help documentation is extremely spare. The basic photo-editing tutorials that are out there are often pretty good, but tend to be several years old and based on older versions (GIMP 2 largely rearranged the user interface, and "where do I find this tool?" is a question I get a lot, so they won't do). The tutorials on the GIMP Web site tend to be about advanced techniques. So I saw a need for an introduction I could give to friends and family.

I won't talk about anything at all fancy here: nothing about layers or selections. I also won't talk about special effects or how to create original artwork. GIMP has so many controls that it can be confusing, and most of them are of little interest to someone who just wants to make a photo look a little better, or prepare it for Web or e-mail use, without much effort. That's what I'm going to concentrate on.

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