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Photoframe -a photo editor to add frame to your digital photo

nce again, Extensis has created a first class product for use with Photoshop. Extensis' line of plugins are all extremely easy to use and PhotoFrame is no exception. It offers a collection of over 1000 premade frames and allows for an unlimited number of user designed additions. If you are a graphics/web designer, you will enjoy PhotoFrame 2.


How do I leave certain items in a photo colour, while others are black and white? I've seen this in many photos. I have PSP and PS.


This is an often asked question and here is the easiest way I have found to do it in Photoshop with using layers. If you don't use layers in PS yet, learn. It is the power of the tool.

Take your original, full color background layer and copy it (drag the layer to the new layer icon in the layers pallette). With the background copy layer active use whatever method you want to convert to B&W. The simpliest way is to use Hue/Saturation adjustment and desaturate all the way. Next add a layer mask to this B&W background copy layer. It's the little icon on the bottom of the layers palette I believe second from left, the circle in the square.

Now we are set up for the fun part. The default layer mask shows up in the layers palette as a white rectangle next to the icon of the layer itself with a little chain link between the two. When you add the mask it is by default seleted/active. So anything you do with the tools/filters will act on the mask. You can see it is active by the small rectangle around it. To activate it again (in case you want to work on it in the future) simply click on it.


Synactis PhotoAlbum - image editing software

Photo album software for Microsoft Windows. Easy creative layout, style sheet management, image retouching, automatic page generator, picture extraction from AVI video clips, printout, PDF export with password protection, e-mailing.


Shortcut PhotoMagic  photo editor software- 1.0.6

Shortcut PhotoMagic offers all you ever need into one photo software suite: Design, paint, enlarge, repair and print. A real must have for digital photography, professional high tech and easy to use.

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