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Setting up photos in Photoshop for printing?! 
Hello- can anyone tell me how to set up a picture in photoshop and save it so that when I bring it to a photo printing place, the entire picture is there? I just went to a photo lab and used one of those Kodak machines. It sends the data to the actual printer used for printing 35mm and while they come out nice, I cannot ever get the entire picture in there. It always ends up cropping it. I am new to photoshop and have no idea how to set up 

a digital print is not the same size as a 35mm. What you have to do on Photoshop is crop the image to the size in which you're going to print it. choose the selection tool and choose fixed aspect ratio and put in the desired size and crop the image. 

Photo editing software: 
There are lots more dialogs, filters, and other such tools to get your digital photographs and images just the way you want them. For example, in the Tools > Color Tools sub-menus you also will find dialogs to adjust color hue, saturation, balance, and more. There are lots of goodies in the Filters and Script-Fu menus too. Play around with these tools on your own to see what they can do and to learn how to use them.

You will find brief introductions to many of these tools in Chapter 17, Image Menu: Colors, Part VI, Filters, and Chapter 42, Script-Fu: Description and Function in Karin and Olof S. Kylander ' s book, Gimp User's Manual. The Gimp User's Manual is online and there is a free-download link in the Resources section at the end of this article.

Version-wise, Gimp User's Manual is somewhat outdated. It is about GIMP 1.0.x. The current stable version of GIMP is 1.2.5 and the current developer version is 1.3.x. Moreover, GIMP 2.0 is expected to be released soon.

Nevertheless, you may freely download the Gimp User's Manual. That makes it a very good deal and well worth using to learn how to use the GIMP. The main point of this versions discussion is to let you know that GIMP has lots more features and many user-interface improvements since Gimp User's Manual was published.

ArcSoft PhotoStudio X Offers photo editing, retouching, enhancement
Offers photo editing, retouching, enhancement, and special effects with features including multiple undo/redo, layers, editable text, and batch processing. Also includes an image organizer and integrated access to PhotoIsland.com photo-sharing Web site. For Macintosh OS 9/X.
Publisher's Site

Selecting the Right Image Editing Software 

There is a wide array of image editing software available in the market. Several considerations should be taken account when selecting the right image editing software. 

Cost: Other than the application itself, hidden costs, including future upgrades, training costs and additional requirements, should also be calculated into the total sum. 

Hardware Requirements: Different image editing software products require different system/hardware applications in order to run. In selecting the right image editing software, it is wise to read through the system/hardware requirements, including those recommended, provided by the software publishers and make sure your system is compatible with those requirements and recommendations.


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