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Img2Img Photo Editor - 1.2

Img2Img allows images to be enhanced for display on the web, sending as emails, or printing. Add borders, change colours, add textured backgrounds, create thumbnails, create desktop icons, sharpen, add captions, compress, convert (JPG, TIFF, PNG...)


I'm looking for photo editor software which can be used to design multi image portraits via templates, i.e. (1-14x11 + 3-5x4) on a 20"x 16", with B/Ground image & drop shadows etc. Possibly even adding frames which we supply.

My intention is to download the images from the S2 to a laptop and have the client assist in the design/layout.

How many are offering this type of service? & how is it recieved by your clients?


Photoshop is the industry standard for image editing, but I don't know if there are any plug-ins etc which have templates as such.

What you are trying to do is very easy to achieve yourself though, and you have complete freedom rather than being constricted by templates. Photoshop makes it all very easy!


Alright, I need new photo editing software but don't know quite where turn. Photoshop is "the norm" but the old version of Corel Photopaint I have works Fairly well too. Gimme some hints please.


There's also Paint Shop Pro 9 (I have it and like it and it's the next best thing to Photoshop), but the new Elements 3.0 looks really, really good. Mine's on order and I can't wait.


I have just finished this piece called Storm using Photoshop 7.0 photo editor. I took a photograph and then used the clone tool and other tools to erase anything that is modern to make the edit look as old fashioned as possible. I think this was a very nice result.

your comments are welcome!


Very well done. I especially like the fact that you took into account such details as the reflection on the road. Grea job. One minor detail I can point out is that there is a tiny patch of the building which seems unaturally bright compared to the rest, it is located at the left bottom part of the gate lamp. But the rest is awesome.

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