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ms photo editor how to Create New Image

1. On the File menu, click New.

2. In the Image Type list, click the type you want.

3. Type the settings you want in the Resolution, Height, Width, and Unit boxes and then click OK.


Adobe Premiere 6.5 help

hey guys, I'm having a problem with premiere that i've never had before... When i import a clip, then drag it down to the timeline... i don't get any audio or video in the monitor... it'll be there in the timeline, but when i try and play it, i get nothing...

the clips i'm using are .avi format... when i preview the clip from the bin, it works fine... i've been using premiere for about 3-4 years, and i've never encountered anything like this... and i already tried to render everything while it was in the timeline and still nothing...

hope you guys can help me out. thanks in advance.


I was going to suggest using GSpot to find out more information about the avi codec, to see if it was compatible with Premiere..... but you'd already solved it by the time I got back online.


how to make a picture fade by photo editor?

Hi anyone know how to make a picture fade i need to have a picture on a business card and would like to fade the picture for a background affect.


RE:You might try adding a new layer, painting it white with the paintbucket, then lowering the opacity of the white layer to let the background photo show through as much as you want.

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