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ImageReady is photo editor for web

ImageReady is a program included with Adobe Photoshop which has tools for Web-specific use. According to the help file in ImageReady (Help / Help Topics):

"ImageReady provides many of the same image-editing tools as Photoshop. In addition, it includes tools and palettes for advanced Web processing and creating dynamic Web images like animations and rollovers."


Paint Shop Pro(photo editor): Setting the Resolution and Resizing the Image

Go to the Image menu and select Resize. Make sure the Resample Image box is checked and Bicubic is selected. Make sure the Lock Aspect Ratio and Resize all layers boxes are checked. Change the Resolution to 72 pixels per inch and click OK.

To preview how the image will actually appear, go to the View menu and select Zoom to 100%. Expand the image window by clicking and dragging the right lower corner if necessary.

To resize the image at the new resolution, choose Image/Resize. Make sure the Resample Image box is checked and Bicubic is selected. Remember that most users' monitors are set to 800 x 600 pixels, so you usually want to make your images smaller than this. Change either the Width or the Height to resize the image and then click OK. If you aren't satisfied with the re-sampled image, always undo changes before you resize it again (or the image will be blurred).

General Information About Microsoft Photo Editor


Microsoft Photo Editor : summary

Files Installed by Microsoft Photo Editor

Starting Microsoft Photo Editor

Quitting Microsoft Photo Editor

Creating a New Image

Opening an Existing Image

Previewing an Image Before Opening It


Irfanview is also a photo editor

Irfanview can do that. Any info from the Exif data can be put on multiple pictures using the Batch Conversion/Rename option. They don't even have to be in the same folder.

The optional Plugins must be installed for Irfanview to read the Exif.

A little trial and error is required at first to get your Font size, color and location just right. The help file is really good. Any questions, just ask.+

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