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Using Microsoft Photo Editor Effects Menu(3)



Removes small, medium or large specks to clean up the image. Sensitivity adjusts the amount of color change needed in an area to consider it a speck. The more sensitive the setting, the less color change is required.


Creates a cartoon-like effect. The number of bits determines the number of colors or shades of gray to reduce the image to. This ranges from 2 colors for one bit, to 128 colors for 7 bits. For color images, you can select the color channels to be adjusted.


ms photo editor : Changing the Resolution of an Image

Apply Artistic Effects

Applying Special Effects

Printing an Image

Sending an Image by E-mail

Keyboard commands


Compression Options

Saving Transparency in an Image


FotoKiss Auction Photo Editor 3.4 LANSRAD

The Worlds Best Auction Photo Editor! Optimized for eBay Sellers, FotoKiss is a production photo editor that makes it easy to prepare and use digital photos for an auction listing, shopping cart, photo gallery or catalog. It is simple to operate and produces high quality results. It creates an Auction photo, Smart Gallery photo and Custom Thumbnail for your website with one click! It will also publish and link your photos on the Internet



Picture It/Microsoft Digital Imaging

I have Picture It, an old microsoft photo editing program. I burned some files on to a CD in the picture file format and nothing can open it. Only microsoft Picture It can. Now I seem to have misplaced my CD. If I buy the new Microsoft Digital Imaging does anyone know if that is compatible with the Picture It document so that it can be viewed there?

Try Paint Shop Pro, $30 cheaper and much better at handling file formats.

Microsoft Picture It uses the non-standard Microsoft Image eXtensions (.mix) as its default file format. I can't find any .mix converters but there is a complicated workaround that involves importing the files into MS Word and saving as a webpage. Seems like too much hard work.

If you need to use Picture It to retrieve your saved files, you can download the full version by joining FullSoftwareDownload for $1.49/month. Microsoft don't provide a demo, so this is the cheapest way I can find of getting it.

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