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How to install Microsoft Photo Editor?

1. To install the Microsoft Photo Editor, use Disk 1 of your Microsoft Office 2000 Professional disk. Insert the disk in the CD-ROM drive of your computer.

2. The install wizard or maintenance mode screen will be displayed. (If it is not displayed, double click the “My Computer?icon, then right click on the “CD-ROM drive?icon, and chose Open. Double click on Setup.exe. You can also do this by going to Start/Run/Browse/CD Drive/Setup.exe

3. The “Microsoft Office Maintenance Mode?screen is displayed. Click on Add or Remove Features (see illustration below).

4. When the “Update Features?screen is displayed, click on the plus sign ??to the left of Office Tools. The complete list of Office tools will be displayed. Click on the large red “X?to the left of Microsoft Photo Editor and choose Run from My Computer. Then click on the “Update Now?button.

5. Upon completion of the installation update, close all open windows and access the Photo Editor by going to


Frame It! :edit and organize photos

Geared to the novice, Nova Development's Photo Explosion (www.novadevelopment.com) incorporates common functions the average user might need to edit and organize photos. This feature wraps one of several picture frames around the image; a nice touch for a slide show or for sending to grandma.


Microsoft Photo Editor:

What you'll notice is that although the picture does paste from Microsoft Photo Editor, the Photo Editor program closes unexpectedly. And because the

program closed unexpectedly, if you want to open up Microsoft Photo Editor again, it won't open - this is because if you look in Task Manager, the PHOTOED.EXE process is still open, and needs to be closed before you can continue.


Installation :Microsoft Photo Editor

Photo Editor is a bundled part of the Office2000 Pro or Premium package, but is not generally installed automatically when you use the default install - you may have to install it by hand. Restart the installation process by either going to the Office 2000 CD (or its image on your hard drive or network - however it was done originally) and running "Setup.exe" again, or going to "Start/Settings/Control Panel," starting "Add/Removing Programs," selecting "Office 2000" from the list and clicking "Add/Remove."

In either case, you'll be presented with the option of "Add or Remove Features." Select this. "Photo Editor" is under "Office Tools."

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