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PF3 is a great piece of software for graphics editing

PF3 is a great piece of software for graphics editing on a very tight budget. It has all the tools you NEED without a whole lot of extras you don't. It's also a great program for the handful of retrofolks who still use Win3.1 who want a great graphics editor.

However, PF3 doesn't install correctly on WinXP since some DLL's clash with Internet Explorer on that platform. The GIF function is also limited to saving GIF87 graphics. I usually get around that problem by using CompuShow 2000 to convert the graphics from .PCX/.BMP to .GIF or other formats.

If you want a version of PF which DOES work with WinXP flawlessly I highly recommend searching for PhotoFinish 4. Alas, due to UNISYS, PF4 can only READ .GIF files. Search the 'net my friends! I still recommend PF despite its rough edges.


P.S. I picked up my copy of PF3 as part of an "Art Bonus Pack" CD-ROM distributed by SoftKey. Nice package which also includes the full manuals in .WRI format and a copy of PC Painbrush 2.0 for Windows. Oh yeah, and TONS of photos to eat up the CD-ROM's remaining diskspace. ;->


I have recently purchased Paint Shop Pro 8 for my image editing. I am VERY new to editing except maybe to enhance a bit and crop.

Most of my photos stay the way I took them, but I do want to try experimenting with some.

I have some old photos I want to touch up- would it be better to scan them into my computer or take pictures of them (with my digital Nikon) using an easel and tripod and then editing them?

I also want to try and make my background B/W and just keep color on 1 object so that I can make the photos into cards. I have read on this forum about doing this in Photoshop but need some help with Paint Shop Pro

I am a bit confused with layers also???? Any help would be appreciated.

LOVE this site. I have spent lots of time ready and enjoying the pictures.


I personally would scan them in , ive had bad experiences with photographing a photo.

In order to make one colour stand out of your image (off the top of ma head and this is for PS) is to convert the image to black and white, then use the history brush over the part of image you want colour back and it will appear again

sorry cant help with layers thing as im still struggling with those =]]

Ixla Photoeasy 2.0 digital photo software

If you can buy this camera at a reasonable price then be happy and enjoy the camera. It's really not that bad as far as quality and especially if the price is under ($). A better "Bang for the Buck" is the Largan Digital Camera. For about ($) more you'll have about double the quality, better software and a full warranty.

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