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Photo Editing Made Too Simple?

Taking pictures with a digital camera may be a snap?iterally?ut editing, improving, and printing your photos and photo projects can be daunting at times. Photo Explosion Deluxe ($50 street, minus $20 mail-in rebate) attempts to provide a strong?nd welcome?ose of simplicity. Unfortunately, the software is a bit too simple and lacks the polish and ease of use we've come to expect in photo-editing software.

Installation wasn't as painless as we would have liked. The software often tells you to insert a disc in the CD drive but neglects to tell you which disc it wants. In addition to the program, the discs hold 7,500 projects and photos. The lite version, Photo Explosion ($29 direct), has 4,000 projects and photos. To install all of Deluxe, you'll need about 900MB. You can tuck the basic version of Deluxe into 400MB, but installing the full package is a good idea; with just the basic program, you'll have to keep the discs handy for many of your projects.

The program operates in three parts?rowse, Photos, and Projects?nd that's typically the order you work in: locating photos, enhancing them, and creating picture projects. Unlike with Microsoft Picture It!, which has versions priced roughly on a par with Photo Explosion and Photo Explosion Deluxe, you typically won't find wizards or step-by-step instructions to help you perform smaller tasks, such as removing red eye. And when you hit F1 for help, you often get generic or barely on-topic assistance. Deluxe gives you the most common editing tools, including an automatic image-correction facility called SmartEnhance. But you don't get a fill flash capability, which is used to lighten faces when they're in shadow, or backlighting controls?wo very useful tools found in Microsoft Picture It! and the pricier tool Adobe Photoshop Elements


Altostorm Rectilinear Panorama Home - 1.2

It is a professional tool for panorama and perspective distortion correction. It can correct any asymmetrical and irregular geometric distortions of panoramic images, recover real shapes and sizes of objects and restore their natural look.


Is there anyway to get the full version for less than the MSRP of over 600.00? I tried the trial and really liked using it, however dont really wish to pay 600.00.

Is anyone aware of student/military or other special purchase options?


There were educational licences available until recently in the UK. Not sure if they are still around....I think they are under a new name anyway. Check around...try Ebay for example, there's the odd person on there selling educational licences of various software.


BatchPhoto is an all-in-one photo editor for your photo editing needs. The idea behind BatchPhoto is to save you time by editing not only one but dozens of photos in one operation. It works by selecting a group of pictures, defining a series of edits, and applying them in a single operation.

With a very simple wizard driven interface, BatchPhoto offers far more than the usual batch processing operations, including an impressive range of filters and effects you can add to your shots [...] If you are taking your digital photography seriously, you will appreciate the time saved and the power of BatchPhoto.


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