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photo editor Being creative with photoshop 
I am commiting myself to mostly post images where I have kept the integrity of the photo. However, "messing around" in photoshop can be fun, and I'd love to engage in a convesations with people who make significant alterations to their images. 

My inital posting is at http://www.pbase.com/rtwo/photoshop 

I'd love to hear from you about your ideas.
There is more to Photoshop than just "messing around" with images. For some people like me PS is an essential tool in our digital image workflow. I use a Canon 10D and shoot exclusively in RAW format, which records the data directly from the CMOS sensor without any in-camera processing. I use PS to open those images, and to apply necessary color levels corrections and unsharp mask. Occasionally I use the highlight/shadows adjustments and other tweaks. If I just converted the RAW images to TIFF or JPEG without the additional processing, my pics would look terrible

Photo editing software ACD Systems Canvas
Canvas is an all-in-one graphics suite unified within a single interface, including photo-editing and painting tools. The Canvas user-base has historically consisted primarily of large corporations and technical professionals, but it should not be neglected as an ideal all-purpose graphics tool for small business users, Web designers, educators, and creative professionals. The one drawback of this powerhouse is its intense learning curve.

Preloadr - Free Photo Editing for Flickr

Preloadr is a neat little tool that offers free photo editing for Flickr. You just log in to Flickr and give Preloadr permission to access your account - you can then choose an image to crop, rotate or flip. You can also adjust the zoom level, scale your image and add text. The drop-down menus provide yet more options: blur, sharpen, contrast, color correction, graduation curve, auto-contrast, grayscale, inverse, swirl and granulation. If you¡¯re a Flickr Pro user, you can then save your modified image and replace the old one - if you¡¯ve got a free account, Preloadr will upload the edited file as a new image. 

It¡¯s a decent application - not as fully featured as desktop apps, but it would probably suffice for small tasks. It¡¯s also worth noting that Preloadr hasn¡¯t been coded from scratch - it appears to be a customized version of NexImage, a DHTML image editor. Similar services include PXN8, Snipshot (formerly Pixoh) and Picture2Life - the advantage of these tools is that they¡¯re not Flickr specific.
Digital camera in hand, you mingle with friends and family on the lawn for the last big summer BBQ. As you take a few pictures, though, they all approach you, one by one--and beg for copies.


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