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IrfanView is a fast and simple image viewer and editor that supports all major graphic formats, including BMP, DIB, JPEG, GIF, animated GIF, PNG, PCX, multipage TIFF, TGA, and more. It's one of the best image viewer available.

Here are some key features of "IrfanView":

? Many supported file formats ?

Multi language support ?

Thumbnail/preview option ?

Slideshow (save slideshow as EXE/SCR or burn it to CD) ?

Show EXIF/IPTC/Comment text in Slideshow/Fullscreen etc. ?

Support for Adobe Photoshop Filters ?

Fast directory view (moving through directory) ?

Batch conversion (with image processing) ?

Multipage TIF editing ? Email option ?

Multimedia player ? Print option ?

Change color depth ?

Scan (batch scan) support ?

Cut/crop ? IPTC editing ?

Effects (Sharpen, Blur, Adobe 8BF, Filter Factory, Filters Unlimited, etc.) ?

Capturing ? Extract icons from EXE/DLL/ICLs ? Lossless JPG rotation ?

Many hotkeys ? Many command line options ?

Many PlugIns ?

Only one EXE-File, no DLLs, no Shareware messages like "I Agree" or "Evaluation expired" ?

No registry changes without user action/permission! ?

and many more

Note: IrfanView is free for personal use; the registration fee for commercial use is $10.


I have a question. Using photoshop, I want to compare two images from a stereogram. Specifically, I want to put one on the other and see through it, so I can tell how far apart the subjects are spaced in the frames. I have tried making a layer of one, with 50% opacity, and dropping on the other, but it doesn't seem to work. I'm missing a step or going about it wrong. Can any one explain how I should do this?


Select all of the first image, then copy it and paste it into the second image. This will create a layer, which will be the first image, then, you can play with the opacity.


Which format should I save scans in? BMP or TIFF?

Despite being a huge waste of memory, everyone here seems to like TIFF files. With BMP files I can still store it and edit it with 48-bit color depth, though.



The files are 18 MB each, and the best bit depth I can get is 12 from my camera or 8 from the scanner.

The primary scanned image is 48 bit, and it can be saved as a 32 bit BMP.


Photogather Luxury - photo editor

Photogaher Luxury is a package offers the full solution for photography.

With this extraordinary software, you can scan photo, download picture from camera and edit them on your PC. Then you can display your works on either Palm or PC as you need.

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