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With PictureMore, You can paint, retouch, convert, animate image,
PictureMore (Free to Try, $50 to Buy, Windows) - With PictureMore, You can paint, retouch, convert, animate image, composition, trimming, change color tone, change color mode, display capture, print, and do other. The frame transparency overlapping function will definitely satisfy your purposes. 

PS Elements 3 program to edit photo and reduce noise

is there any difference in 'Reduce Noise', 'Despeckle' and 'Dust & Scratches' options? I've played around with all three and I don't really see any obvious difference in the three of them. Am I missing something? They all seem to do a reasonably good job of cleaning up the pic. I guess 'Reduce Noise' does the least good in my opinion. Just wondered if there's certain situations that one should be preferred over the other?
Each does work best on the type of defect it's named for. The noise reduction in PE3 is kinda weak, and used by itself, may have to be run more than once to really see a difference. There's much better noise reduction programs out there: Noise Ninja, Neat Image, or even the simple, free Heilcon. 

Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Upgrade 

One of Photoshop's many strengths is the versatility of its tools, and this has been stretched to new limits. Filter previews are bigger, the Liquify tool has been enhanced, brush parameters have been extended, and commonly used tool settings can be saved as presets. This means you can virtually do away with the toolbox, instead selecting tools with exactly the settings you need from the presets palette.

Image Ready, Photoshop's Web-authoring and export module, remains a separate, linked application. Creation of rollovers is simpler and a new "selected" rollover state takes some of the repetitive strain out of nav-bar production.

EasyPicture edit and view photos
the quasi-Explorer interface allows you to quickly browse your graphics collection. Display pictures full screen, in a slideshow, as thumbnails, in wallpaper and in mosaic form. Modify images with a nice variety of special effects,... More deformations, and drawing/touch-up tools. Manage your photos albums and publish them within minutes. And much more. Update: Transparency (superimpose) and painting/touch-up tools greatly improved. GIF write support with eight level of quality/compression rate. Photoshop Plug-ins support added, and more.

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