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Easy Fractal : photo editor
Easy Fractal (Free to try, $20 to buy - Mac) - calculates fractals (Mandelbrot Sets and Julia Sets) in real time. Zoom into the infinite depths of the fractal universe and discover new wonderful pictures no one has ever seen before.

File format in photoshop photo editing
I have just realised that I am missing out on a lot of the capabilities of raw conversion available to later versions of photoshop. I am using the plug-in for photoshop that was installed with Nikon Capture, which gives me the option to adjust the exposure setting but not much else. My question is whether there is a better way to convert raw files from NEF format, either using a separate plug-in or else a third-party program. 
I personally believe that Nikon Capture is the best thing for their NEF files. If I am working with an image I really care about the final outcome and plan on printing it big, I open it in Capture first make some adjustments and save it as a TIFF file then if I wish to do anything else to the image I move it into photoshop to perform anything else.

Better Photoshop Techniques learn how to edit photo
by dnaml Better Photoshop Techniques is a publication for everyone starting with Photoshop. This new project features page-turning technology (see above) that turns the page each time it is clicked. You can change the speed at which the page... More turns, and even print out pages that we have allocated as being 'printable'. Version 1.1 enhances reader capabilities and includes faster controls over speed, design improvement, and DRM enhancements. 

Glanda is a great little program 
Glanda is a great little program for making Flash menus without having to be stressed-out about working with Flash itself, making it great for neophytes. It also has enough options to make it a nice time-saving device for the experienced users, too.

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