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Image Editor v3.0 to edit your photo

An embedded editor for images. Handles GIF, JPEG, and PNG formats.

For JBuilder, 8 to 12 Size: 312.1K 189 downloads BDN Login Required to Download. (You will be redirected to the login page if you click on the Download Link)

This tool provides a basic image editor as a viewer within the JBuilder IDE. It appears as the "Design" tab in the content pane when viewing a GIF, JPEG, or PNG image. A preview panel appears in the structure pane, showing both the current image at its normal size, as well as the contents of the clipboard. The size of the image or clipboard contents is shown in the header of the preview panel, while the current pixel location and colour are shown in the status bar as you move over the image.


While for many years I have strongly recommended and used IrfanView (free) for most of my basic digital image editing tasks and Serif Photo Plus 5.5 (free), I must admit that I have switched to Photofiltre in no time at all. I would sincerely recommend Photofiltre to any non-technical user needing to work with digital images. At this price level there is really little else that can do this much.


As unbelievable as it may seem, there are photographers who will submit an improperly exposed photograph to a photo editor and expect to get a positive response. A photo editor will not waste his or her valuable time on such unprofessional submissions. Never submit any photographs that are not tack sharp and properly exposed. To do so may result in never getting another appointment to see that photo editor again!

What is a properly exposed photograph? As a working photo editor, I routinely examine the images in a photograph for absolutely sharp focus, sometimes using a 8x magnifying loupe. Before submitting images to a photo editor, a photographer should carefully examine his or her photographs for blurring or fuzziness around objects in the picture. Remove these photographs from your portfolio. If you are submitting black and white prints, examine your photographs for a good range of gray tones.

SCP Image Magic photo editor

Easy to use Image Viewer and editor with support for all the most common file formats. Built in features for special effects and screen capture. Common features include cropping, resizing and resampling and many others. Including saving images as your wallpaper.


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