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Instant Photo Editor

Restore old photographs and improve new digital images with Instant Photo Editor. This easy-to-use program enhances and corrects your images for flawless results. Easily import photos right from your digital camera, Webcam, or scanner. Use the One-Click Optimizer to automatically correct color, resolution, and more. Edit color and contrast, rotate, retouch, and crop just the way you want.

Instant Photo Generator automatically gives you variations of your photo with different settings. Check your progress at any time by right-clicking to instantly view your original photo. Adjust color, contrast, brightness, saturation, and gamma value. Remove red-eye, correct underexposure and overexposure, eliminate shadows and sunspots, crop images, and create cutouts. You'll also get free Konica Photo Inkjet paper with purchase.



I need a photo editing software that can attach attributes to a photo and than use those attribute for searching and updating


hotobase comes to mind.

But basically all softwares that gives you the option to browse for images will allow you to add keywords to the file...

I'm in the middle of experimenting with that myself. I've downloaded a trial version of iMatch, which looks excellent, and also the latest version of ACDSee, which seems to work well too - both about the same cost (US$50). I still need to see whether ACDSee gives me easy retrieval options for images on CD as well as my hard drive. Also, it's occurred to me to check whether Windows Explorer XP has any such talents hidden under it's flashy exterior.... I'll report back.

Photo Toolkit - easy photo editor

Photo Toolkit is a powerful and easy-to-learn solution to improve digital photos. With only a few clicks, anyone can automatically correct the most common problems of digital photos directly from Windows Fax and Picture Viewer or Windows Explorer.


I got PS Elements recently and I've been using it a fair amount for level adjustments and the like. I tried to do a panorama in it the other day though and I can't find a mask command in it (I like to use graduated fills in layer masks to blend adjacent photos together, helps to hide the joins and my poor PS skills). Is there one I am looking straight through?


Nobody's rushed in to answer your question, so I'll try. I use Elements all the time, but I'm no expert, ok.

From what I can tell Elements doesn't have Masks, per se, like PS or PSP8 does. You can go here for some excellent tutorials, and a couple show you how to "simulate" Masks:


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