How to use Face Smoother?


With Face Smoother, you can smooth the face skin on the photo in an easy way to make the it more beautiful. You can also adjust ( change the brightness, contrast, saturation ), rotate and resize the photo with Face Smoother.

1) Open

Click button 'Open' to load your photo.


2) Smooth

Click button 'Smooth'. A preview window shows.  Click button 'OK' in the new window to get the smoother photo.


The sample:



3) Adjust

Click button 'Adjust'.  A new window shows.

Change the brightness, contrast, saturation of the photo in the new window, then click button 'Ok' .


Adjust Window:



4) Rotate

Click button 'Rotate'.  A new window shows.

 Choose to rotate 90  ,   270 , or 180 , then click button 'OK'


Rotate Window:



5) Resize

Click button 'Resize'. 


6) Help

Click button 'Help' to get help information.


7) Register

Click button 'Register' to register Face Smoother.


Register Window: