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How to Prepare pictures with Microsoft Photo Editor ?

1): Open the picture

Open up Microsoft Photo Editor (the default location for this program is Start / Programs / Microsoft Office Tools / Microsoft Photo Editor). Go to the File menu and select Open. Use the arrow next to the Look in: box to browse to the folder containing your image. Select your picture file and click Open.

2): Rotate the picture.

If the picture is upside-down or sideways, rotate it to the correct orientation. To do this, go to the Image menu and select Rotate, then select the appropriate Orientation and click OK to rotate it.

3): Crop the picture.

Use the Select Tool to select the area you wish to keep (to change your selection, press the ESC key to deselect). Go to the Image menu and select Crop, then OK to crop the photo to include only the selected area.



PhotoBuilder is an excellent new digital photo processing tool

 PhotoBuilder (Free to Try, $30 to Buy, Windows) - is an excellent new digital photo processing tool which is developed by BraveTech work group. Using the newest image blending techniques, PhotoBuilder can smoothly blend one or more pieces of images together. Its most appealing feature lies in the fact that you can easily get a lot of advanced image features without sophisticated operation. 

Photoshop 8 photo editor
Anybody heard anything about this? 
has version 8 been released? 
What are the new features? 
It's called CS, not 8, and it's been out for a few weeks now. 
The file browser has been improved a lot. Also, the Camera Raw plug-in is now built in. They added a Shadows/Highlights command that has saved a couple pictures for me already, that I would have deleted otherwise. It now supports putting text on paths or in shapes. 


PhotoLine 32 is a shareware image editor

ms photo editor :Balance

Adobe CS - what is the best sharpening technique?

Your Suggestions for photo editing software

IconoMaker allows you to edit icons

A&G Grapher, a powerful yet user-friendly graphing tool