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What the Photo Editor Looks For?

What does a photo editor look for in a marketable photograph? After all, photography is an art form and art is subjective, isn't it? This is true! Ask a dozen different photo editors about their preferences and you'll receive a dozen different responses. But, there are established criteria by which experienced photo editors can determine and separate a really good photograph from a mediocre one.


Photo Pos Pro :advanced image editor

This advanced image editor offers a wide variety of possibilities in the fields of image and photo enhancing, digital photos and image editing, computer graphics, painting, and drawing. Using the editor you can perform various tasks, from simple to complex; you can edit existing images, create new works based on existing images, and create new works from scratch. The software features support for many image file types (including transparent GIF files),single & MULTIPLE image printing, and for scanners and digital cameras; advanced image-enhancing and editing tools; tools for creating computer graphics; rich-text tools; special effects; selection tools; frames; layers and masks; color transitions (gradients); patterns and textures; script tools; batch operations; a batch converter; ability to automatically update the software and also The Ability to expand the software yourselves! The software comes with dozens of pre-made frames, textures, shapes, big photo collection and much more - all to accelerate your work and make it fun & easy


Photofiltre, as this digital image editing is named, is the brainchild of Antonio Da Cruz and Benjamin Fournier who have done a wonderful job in creating a simple, easy-to-use tool. This is a perfect tool for anyone with some basic familiarity with digital imaging who wants to avoid getting into the complexity and price tag of Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.


I truly believe that Photolightning is the easiest photo software available anywhere

It is a powerful but simple photo editor that lets you fix poor photos, as well as a great tool to email photos, for photo printing (either at home or online), for preparing photos for eBay, and forbacking up photos.

If you want to quickly and easily work with your photos at your home/business with no hassles in the least time possible, you owe it to yourself to try Photolightning. Please download a trial copy and use it free for 30 days. You'll be able to fully try out all the features of our software. We're sure you'll agree that it's the easiest photo software you've ever used. suggestions@photolightning.com


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