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Photo Editor (Jewel Case)

With Photo Editor, you can edit your photos and make them picture perfect. Use the many editing and photo enhancement tools to improve, correct, and enhance any digital photo.


Ok, I have a few questions regarding photo editing software. First, I realize that Photoshop CE is by far THE program for photo editing. Now, the questions I have are as follows... What is the main difference between CS and elements? What features are not on elements that they charge 5-600 more for CS? With CS will I be able to do all my basic retouching, and also import .NEF files from my D70? And, if not PS Elements, what would be the best budget photoediting software to last me until I can afford a copy of Photoshop CE? The biggest features that I am looking for are: The ability to do color/hue/contrast/saturation correction, properly change to B&W, be able to dodge and burn, and lastly, I definitely want to be able to use unsharp mask. So, what would be the best solution for me?


the extra 5-600 dollars are for graphic design use.

You will never need them for photography retouching purposes...

though some creative photoraphers might use them, but I doubt you will ever want to experiment with them more than a couple of times.


Photo Frame Maker - 2.65 Photo editor

Photo Frame Maker is easy to use photo frame software. You can add cool frames to your photos, very quickly and easily. Resize, rotate, adjust collor and add text to your photos. These can be finished in batches! You can print or mail to your friend.


Image-Editing Magic

Professional photographers burn film?aking hundreds of photographs to get just the right angle and exposure. Business users and amateurs don't have that luxury; most of us have learned to live with less-than-perfect photographs. We have tons of excuses, including low-end digital cameras, the fleeting nature of light, uncooperative subjects, and tight budgets.

Instead of making excuses, you can make your images better. And you can do it by using the image-editing software that you probably already own.

Here are a few of our favorite image-editing tips. We've given instructions for Photoshop, which is the market leader. Many other midlevel image-editing programs offer a significant subset of Photoshop's functions, too. (Check out our sidebar "Can My Software Do That?" to learn about applying the tips in this article with other programs.) So even if you are not a Photoshop user, read on to learn about techniques that can improve your images and increase your productivity.

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