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Enhance layers photo editing

Enhance (Free to try, $100 to buy - Mac) - Need more than Color It! offers? How about layers capability (great for working with Photoshop .psd-format files), a Replace Color filter, Ruler and Angle tools, drag-and-drop, CMYK color preview, Web Browser preview, color selectors for Extrude and Drop Shadows, and lots more. Includes 1,100 Patterns.

Photoshop: image editing
I love using Photoshop but to get a copy of this at home is more than I can afford right no while on maternity leave. I looked at getting Elements, but there are so many things that aren't included (like curve/level controls, masking, etc) that I wonder if it's even worth it. 

Any one use both and have an opinion on these two software packages? 
Will Elements be enough? 
Read this entire thread for a curves plugin and info 

Elements 3.0 DOES have levels. 4.0 is out, but I am not sure what the new features are

Turbo Photo is designed for all digital camera owners to edit, enhance photos
by stepok.com Turbo Photo is designed for all digital camera owners to edit, enhance, touch up, management, view, print, and share photos. It offers plenty of powerful functions without requiring you to have any technical knowledge of digital... More image. With Turbo Photo, anyone can master and control the materials of a great photo: exposure, color, composition and sharpness, and enjoy the shooting. 

Photo Studio 2000

Low-priced photo manipulation programs often are worth just what they cost, but PhotoStudio 2000 is a product that throws the price-to-quality ratio test into disarray.

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