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Picasa serves all your basic needs of photo editing
Picasa serves all your basic needs and does it very well. It actually contains many advanced features and it's very easy to use. I particularly like the 'save a copy' feature where one can save a copy of the refined/modified photo in the same directory and at the same time retain the photo with the original settings. It is also excellent as an organiser of all your photos. I fail to understand what dang means by 'It functions extremely slow'. 
I have been using Picasa for quite some time now and as a free program I would definitely recommend it. 
If you need something more advanced and sophisticated, then go out and purchase yourself a copy of Adobe Photoshop or the cheaper scaled-down version Photoshop Elements, depending on your needs.

RAW shot in photo editor

I was just wondering, when I take a RAW shot and then open it up with the RAW editor and the auto setting for exposure is set at say -1.5, is that -1.5 the actual exposure I took with the camera or has CS manipulated it? 

Meaning that 0 exposure compitation in CS is the exposure that I took with the camera. 

You can set defaults in the CS2 Camera RAW converter. As a default the "Auto" settings are selected. This means that ACR will make automatic adjustments. (All the Auto checkboxes are likely checked). So in answer to your question.... I'll guess.... No, the exposure value you have listed there is not how you shot it. 

To remove the "Auto" simply, open a RAW file to get the ACR up on the screen. Deselect the "Auto" boxes and then at the top of the right pane just below the histogram, you'll see and arrow in a circle. Click it and you'll see a list that includes "Save New Camera RAW Defaults". Select this and from now on the ACR will open the RAW files without applying the "Auto" features. 

Once you've done that, you should get the "As Shot" information.


I want to know which image editing package(s) is good with blue voda to have a sharpp image on the site.Also, how can I have flash presentations on my site


Yes you can add flash, please watch the tutorials.

Download photoshop to edit photos
is there a way to download it for free or get photoshop cause i really wanna start messing around with my car and photos. so can anyone hook me up with some answers?
Nowhere... Buy it or look into "The Gimp""

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