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Which photo editor is good for you?
I guess it all depends on what you like. I've used many programs, and to me it is VERY slow to load. Other programs also save the original file, along with the updated copy, if you save it with a changed name or extention. If you've ever tried XnView and several others, you'd understand why I say slow tho'. Here's a link: 
It uses a small file for thumbnails, and makes it very fast to find an image you've lost. I think there's room for several programs, since they all have their strong points for different uses. Nothing personal about your preference for Picasso, it's only a matter of taste. I also find PhotoShop slow, but I use it! 

PictureProject to import and edit RAW image

OK I use PictureProject to import my raw files from memory card, this is OK tho I want somethin that enables me to quick view image files like windows allows you to view jpgs in windows picture and fax viewer. 

Does anyone know of any software for just viewing raw files, don't wanna have to load photoshop or Pictureproject to quick view the file. 

Image Editing/Optimizing 

I have a CMS that allows user to upload images to the server.

The images are then displayed at a certain SIZE on the webpage.

Is there any way that I can set the images to that size without distorting them or losing quality??


image editing/ independent foreground 
i need to separate the fore ground object in an image. the problem is that when i use the backgroud eraser tool or render the background transparent and then export the same to powerpoint(in jpg format) the transparent b/w checkers are there: the image edited with background tool or magic wand displays with white background in powerpoint. what i want is that only the foreground object e.g, without ANY background so that i am able to use that on any sort of back ground(color or another image) with liberty.

if its not possible in adobe; is there any other program that provides this flexibility.

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