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Book of photo editing?

Looking for a good book. Anybody got any suggestions? 

Was thinking about this one: http://tinyurl.com/b9z2f
I haven't been able to afford any books, yet. The one you link to is high on my wish list as it seems to be based on the needs for photography. 

Photoshop is such a complex program I think you could spend years trying to learn it all, so I'm restricting my studies to Image editing, to that end there are a great number of tutorial on the net that work you through many aspects of Photoshop and cost you nothing as opposed to buying a book and then finding that only a small section deals with what you are really wanting to know. 

Hopefully other responses to your post will point us both in right direction as far as books are concerned! 

I need a free image editor.

What I need to do is: resize images, crop and save optimised for the web.

All of these Photoshop does.
The problem is I need to give to someone.
And they can't afford to pay 000's for Photoshop.

Any pointers would be appreciated.
tried both.
excellent progs.
irfanview - wow, how can it be sooo small?
gimp - really powerful.

the only thing missing for me is: saving for web.

photoshop has this.
it does 'something' magic that reduces the file size by loads without losing ANY detail for the eye.

saving as lower than 100% quality just doesn't do the trick.
any ideas?
is there a special filter i can get or something?

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