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Free programs of photo editing? 

I am currently using picassa and Raw Shooter Essential 2005 to do most of my photo editing. I know that photoshop has its benefit but does anyone have alternate programs that they use and wouldn't mind sharing it? 

Good free noise reduction, but it strips the exif. I found you can load a shot with exif, and replace it with a processed one on pbase. 

If you do a google search for "free photo programs" you'll come up with all types of good things. I found one called Exifer that allows you to work with the exif data. Picaso isn't a good program because you can't use the processed shots for everything you need. imho

Photomatix is a great photo editing software

I did a search for photomatix discussion in all forums, but did not find any. I'm really surprised. Have any of you heard of it? It's a really great software program for applying multiple exposures into one file to increase the dynamic range of a scene, therefore, achieve detail in highlights and shadows. Photoshop CS can do this, however, photomatix provides a photoshop CS plug-in for tone mapping. Tone mapping allows you to easily control contrast in shadows, midtones, and highlights without affecting one another. There is a free trial version of it. Just do a google search for photomatix. It shows examples on the web site. Please, let me know know what you think. Other programs like it are available, but I never tried them.
It was not my intention. I'm sorry you think that, however, I can see why you do. I hope others do not think the same. My intention was to create discussion and relate with others about photomatix, because I have just started using it. Tone mapping is a really neat tool.


Undo that edition in photo editor

A friend of mine sent me a photo edited by himself, can i undo that edition? If yes, how? 
Unless he sent it to you in PS .psd format or some other format that preserves layers, I think what you see is what you get. 
You are quite right Max - unless the .psd file has no layers or has been flattened! Ive been there, done that! Flattened my layer went to save as a jpeg and ende up hitting ctrl+s and saved the flattened image over my psd file arrgghhh I was not a happy bunny!

Image editing 
I am new to using Olympus sp-310. Can anyone tell my how to open the images in Paint Shop Pro 9. When I transfered the images from the camera to my computer, all of them went into the Olympus Master program. I can't figure out how to open them with PSP.
I don't transfer my images that way, in fact most people don't. Unless you specify otherwise,the images you transfer using Olympus Master on Windows XP will be put in 
C:\Documents and Settings\Account Name\Application Data\OLYMPUS\OLYMPUS Master. Just open PSP and navigate their to find them.

Since you seem to prefer using PSP, you don't need to use OM for image transfer (you don't need OM installed at all if you don't use it (unless your camera is firmware updateable).

Just connect your camera to the PC with USB lead, turn it on and windows will automatically detect it and a Window should open. In there will be a folder containing another folder. Open it, and voila! there are your pics. Just highlight the ones you want to save, right-click and select 'Copy'. Now go to your 'My Pictures' folder, right-click and select 'Paste'. Windows will copy your photos there from the camera.

To avoid having to connect the camera to the PC (which can often be fiddly and runs down the camera battery), get a card-reader for your type of camera-card. Connect that to the PC instead and leave it there. Now all you have to do in future is remove the card from your camera and put it in the card reader. The reader will have it's own drive-letter on the PC. Same thing happens - Windows will detect it and you use Copy/Paste same as I described earlier*

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