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Adobe Photoshop 5.0, is it a good photo editor

Does anyone have this? Is it any good? I have Elements 2.0 and don't need the whole Photoshop suite but thought this might be an interesting upgrade. Can't find any decent reviews for it online. 
Thanks in advance for any thoughts anyone has on this. 

Elements was the replacement for Photoshop LE.. You already have a better/more powerful version with elements.

The basic for photo editing software
i have owned a copy for years now and only know how to do the absolute basics (and probably not very well). I just recently became interested in selective coloring and found some great posts on this site which walked me through that process. Where can I go to get an understanding of the rest of the things I can do with Photoshop? I need something for a novice. Any ideas?
Man I wish I had the kind of cash that it takes to buy a $500.00 program and not care if I knew how to use it or not. That must be great! 

You might give this thread a read. 


Photoshop Elements to edit black & white photo

I am having some trouble converting to black & white. I have Photoshop Elements, and I have been using a channel mixer plug-in. Whenever I have posted somehing, I have been told that the conversion is not great, so I would like to learn get it right! I have read the 'sticky' here a good few times, but I am obviously doing something wrong. If I were to post a photo, would someone convert it using channel mixer only & explain to me what they did? 
I would really appreciate it!! 

I wrote that sticky. I think a better idea is for you to post a color image, your best conversion of it, and explain all the steps you've taken (including the numbers in the Channel Mixer). We'll go through it together. 

How to make thumbnail copy of a picture by photo editor?

For example if I got a 600x400 picture, after I uploaded it to the ftp I want php to make a thumbnail-size copy of that picture and also upload that copy.

(The upload is no problem at all, but i don't understand how to make an tumbnail-copy of the picture so i can upload that image as well)

Can someone please help me here?

You can resize pictures if you do system calls to an image manipulation program. Search the web for "mogrify" to find one such software package that can do what you want.

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