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Photoshop for picture editing
I use Photoshop cs a litter, I am certainly not a PS expert. But for picture editing, I strongly recommend you use Wondershare Photo Collag Studio. Its easy to use interface gets your job done in just a few clicks. You can also make a beautiful collages with pre-designed layouts and cliparts. Pretty pratical, not expensive. 

Download it for free trial. 

Image editing software??

What should I be looking for in getting a really big enlargement of a slide? I found a fantastic canyonscape from Moab on velvia and I want to get a huge print of it for my wall. Are there any processes that are best, and places that give better pricing for this kind of job? Should I just take it to the local lab and see what they can do for me?
Being that I work in the industry,I will give you what I tell my customers. A lot depends on what you consider a really big enlargment. Your best luck might be to get thise done as a large format inkjet print. We have better luck with inkjet prints as they will hide the grain from the Slide Scan.

Digital Dream Studio V2 is an advanced image-editing software
Digital Dream Studio V2 is an advanced image-editing software, allowing multiple layers and supporting plug-ins. 

It is completly freeware. 

You can download it at: 

Please send your comments, sugestions, bug reports and any useful criticism. Those would be very helpful for developing the next version of Digital Dream Studio. 

image editing programs

There are many image editing programs but we'll just discuss three, which in my opinion are the best in their respective field - Picasa, Photoshop Elements, and Photoshop.

Picasa is available for free off the Net, but is more advanced than its price suggests. Picasa is suitable for doing quick and easy touch-ups, and also for adding some nice effects to your photos. Picasa is very easy to learn, and is my pick for entry-level image editing.

Photoshop Elements is Adobe's budget image editor, but is no cheapie when it comes to features. Most of Photoshop's features are here, including layers, and some advanced effects. However, Elements is not as easy to learn as other budget programs, so first-time image editors would be better off going elsewhere.

Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard image editor, and it is the first program professionals would look to. Every feature in the book is here. The latest versions shouldn't be too hard to learn if you have had some previous image editing experience.

- Which program is right for me? 

If you need a simple program for quick touch-ups and effects, Picasa is your best bet.

If you want professional features at a consumer price, and are willing to spend time learning it, Photoshop Elements is the way to go.

If you want professional features all the way, Photoshop is your only choice.

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