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ACDSee Pro and Photo Editor 4 Work well together?

Do the two programs (three, if you want to throw Canvas into the mix) work well/easily together? Or do you have to open them separately and independently? Can I open Photo Editor 4 from within ACDSee Pro and switch back and forth between them easily with the same photo or project?


Microsoft Photo Editor Intermediate

- Cropping Images

- Resizing an Image

- Rotating an Image

- Sharpen/Soften and Negative

- Despeckle/Posterize/Edge

- Chalk/Charcoal/Emboss/Graphic Pen

- Additional Effects


MS Photo Editor :Set Transparent Color or Background

Set Transparent Color or Background - You will want to save your image as TIFF if you want to have a transparent background.

Open Microsoft Photo Editor

From the File menu (or open icon), choose Open. Navigate to where you have your photos or images stored. Click on the one you want to open.

Select the Set Transparent Color icon in Toolbar


Microsoft Photo Editor introduction (3)

Microsoft Photo Editor is an imaged editing program that is part of Office Tools that comes with Office 97. If you have installed all of Microsoft Office 97, you already have this program. To locate it, click Start, Find, Files or Folders and then type Microsoft Photo Editor in the "Named" line. After you locate it this way, right click on it to create a shortcut on your desktop. If you do not locate Photo Editor, reinstall Office 97 and select Office Tools.

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