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Saving Transparency in an Image
Microsoft Photo Editor supports three file formats that save transparency: CompuServ GIF (GIF), Tagged Image File Format (TIFF), and Portable Network Graphics (PNG). Transparency in an image is saved in two ways: as a transparent color or in an alpha channel. 

GIF saves images as monochrome (line art) or 8-bit (grayscale or 256-color) images. GIF saves all transparency values by substituting a transparent color in place of the designated color. If you are concerned about loss of image data, use TIFF or PNG to save your image. If you prefer GIF and want to preserve all the image data, save a copy of your image in another format before saving transparency conversions in GIF. 

TIFF saves images as monochrome, 8-bit, or 24-bit (true color) images. In 24-bit images, TIFF saves transparency in an alpha channel. For monochrome and 8-bit TIFF images, however, Microsoft Photo Editor does not save transparency. 

PNG saves images as 8-bit or 24-bit images. In 24-bit images, PNG saves transparency in an alpha channel. In 8-bit images, PNG substitutes a transparent color on the palette. 
The Print Shop Premier Edition 5.0 
I use paint shop premier edition 5.0 for making labels for my essential oil bottles. I have to print many different labels ( I use Avery 8160) but I can only print one label at a time. For each label I have to re-insert the label sheet. When "Print" is selected the label image pops up to select the location of the label on the sheet. Is there a way to load (open) several different labels to insert into the on the label sheet?
I'm looking for something to download free to just resize pictures, any suggestions?
Simple-Small and does most everything, the swiss army knife of simple editors - Irfanview: 


Get the plug-ins as well, it also uses Photoshop Plug-ins. 

More Complex - Serif Photo Plus 6 


Yet More Complex - The Gimp 


Or Gimpshop 


Hope these help. 
am new to the digital world of photography. Long time film user, now shooting only digital (hobby, not pro). Making the transition into digital cameras hasnt been too hard. What is really a challenge is the computer end of the production of prints. I have started out with Apple's iPhoto but have quickly gotten to the point where I want to do more with my photos. This is the tricky part. I really dont think I should spend the big bucks on Photoshop because thats just too much money. I nearly bought Photoshop Elements this weekend but ran into the Gimp on Friday. I downloaded, installed it, and played with it this past two days. Very impressive except that I dont know what 99% of the functions do! The help files are only slightly helpful for a total beginner like me. I like the Gimp as it saves me from spending money that I might not have to. But I have to learn how to use it properly. What I really need is a book to learn all this digital based terminology and concepts. 

Should I just buy a Photoshop book and work off that? Or, are there more general books? Can someone recommend a title? 

Have you seen this site? 


It's pretty content heavy.

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