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ms photo editor: Compression Options
JPEG. Reduces the number of bits in the image by eliminating repetitive image data or image data that is hard to see. JPEG can achieve much greater compression than other methods, but the results may not be fully reversible. At higher compression ratios (greater than 20:1), JPEG degrades the quality of the image. JPEG is available only for true color images. 

Image editing question
the pics all seemed so nice on screen.. but was very disappointed with the print results.. they all have yellow undertones... is it the photo lab's problem? or my camera's problem? or my computer screen problem...
re:Its not the printers, its you sorry to say. You need to learn about Colour Space, Colour management and monitor calibration. 

Just do a google search on these terms and you should get tons of articles on the subject. Also, take a look around these forums in Beginners Q&A, General Q&A and in the Imaging sections, theres a lot of info there. 

Once you get the idea and know what you have to do and why it will be time to calibrate your monitor. The best way is to use a hardware/software monitor calibrator. There are a lot of them our the, ranging in price from $100 all the way up to $500 (these are canadian prices). I highly requiment Pantone's Huey.

Image editing: creating alpha channel in photoshop
Hi, i need to create alpha channel with photoshop into image, but dont know how to do it if anyone there can help me to create it, i'll be thankful

There are a few different ways to create and use Alpha Channels, depending on what you're trying to achieve. See if these help

Using the subject products to edit photos
I wonder anyone has any experience of using the subject products. I am in the process of getting software to process the raw file. Thx.

Unfortunately I can only vouch for Photoshop. I will say that 99% of the things that you need to do with pictures can be done within Photoshop or one of its free addons. 

I think that if you are going to be asking a lot of questions they can be handled by a lot more people on this forum. Also if you know a student you can order a version for just 299. 

Assuming that the programs are equals, Photoshop hands down for their domination in the market and their great product. Just an opinion.

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