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ms photo editor : Sending an Image by E-mail
You can send an image as an e-mail attachment, using the following steps: 1. On the File menu, click Send. 
2. Your e-mail program starts, a new message is created, and the image is attached to the message. 
3. Send as you normally send e-mail. 

Problem with Paint Shop Pro X  photo editor
On our network at work, we have installed paint shop pro X on to a few computers... now there is this really annoying error that only appears on some logins. Once the program was installed from the domain admin account and i log off the computer and then get somebody else to login and start up paint shop pro for the first time, it displays Error:1317.An error occurred while attempting to create the directory drive:\location. The login has all the same permissions as a login that works. Ive contacted corel (the owners of paint shop pro) and they told me to look at this: 


Now the link goes on about picture it and changing the location of my pictures. This isnt that helpful as for one the software isnt picture it and 2 the logins dont have profiles and cannot access teh hard drive??

i'd chance editing the registry anyway. i know it's not stating paint shop pro, but maybe they use the same install method. as the quote states

"To resolve this issue, edit the registry. Change all instances of the drive and path shown in the error message to the correct path, and then reinstall Picture It!."

copy the path on the error and search the registry and see what it finds. but, i thought that there always had to be a login profile on the workstation, whether it was peer to peer or server workstation setup. i don't know much about roaming profiles or admin stuff so i won't argue with you. i only build models.

Photoshop CS edit RAW image

Hi everyone, I use to use photoshop CS until I recently started shooting in Raw format. Everyone says the CS2 has better raw support. Anyway, I updgraded to CS2 downloaded the newest raw driver and I still can't open the raw files. I'm using a Canon 30D, is this camera not supported? I've heard a lot of people are having problems opening raw files in photoshop. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
The list of supported cameras does not include the 30D: 


I guess it's too new to be included. Give them time and I dare say Adobe will add it.

Photo editing question
A question from a newbie PSP X user and forum member. 

I have converted some photo's from colour to B & W. What I want to do is to add specific colour to things like flower heads, so you get the B & W photo with the added colour, which I have seen but don't know how to do. 

If anyone can offer or send an idiots guide tutorial on the subject, I would appreciate it. 

There are a number of ways to do this. 

1. Open your image. 
2. Create a "hue/saturation adjustment layer" and remove all color from the image. 
3. On the adjustment layer, create a mask over the area that you wish to have color. 

Another way - if you cannot create masks - 

1. Open your image. 
2. Duplicate the image to a second layer. 
3. Desaturate the image on the second layer. 
4. Use the eraser tool on the second layer to erase the part of the image that you want colored.

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